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About Us

The Associazione Culturale Arte Ba-Rocco located at Via Cascina Barocco, 10 in Milan is an artistic and cultural association founded by Master Rocco Basciano.

The primary intent of the association is that of promoting and creating a cultural exchange place,
a world where to compare our own ideas with those of other artists giving the chance to collaborate, make Yourself known and free your creativity.

Furthermore, being our primary purpose that of creating stimuli and cultural exchanges among creative people, the seat is provided with not only wall facilities for pictures but also gives You support to your creative genius so that you can show your handiwork to make Yourself known and have the opportunity to create collaborations and to confront with other people.

Our association, being a nonprofit organization, needs a constant support of contributes to be financially supported, thus what we ask is absolutely economic and the only aim is to allow, whom desires, to spread the pictorial and poetic art in a world more and more penetrated with selfishness and indifference.

Our Services

The seat is provided with an open space of 100mq. in which temporary exhibitions and cultural events are organized and it is available for artists, craftsmen creative people and other associations or boards that are in search of

In a few words, we offer You:

  • Spaces for temporary and permanent exhibitions
  • Spaces for poems lecture
  • Cultural events planning
  • Book introductions
  • Booklets and personal catalogues
  • Webspace for online exhibitions in Web Gallery section
  • Learning and deeping courses concerning painting and watercolour
  • Meeting among artists, craftsmen with collaboration and cultural exchange intents
  • Regional products display

Visit our
Servizi page for further details (Italian Language).

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